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Writer's Block: Romance!

What's the most romantic thing you have done for someone?

well...romance is in the eye of the beholder isn't it?

i have an idea of a really cute way to tell someone you love them/ask them to go out with you/etc.; but they have to be ok with public declarations.

let's just say it involves procuring some of those signs that you stake in your lawn (like those convenient political signs that are everywhere right now), white paint to paint them blank, big stencils, and black paint. oh, and cooperative neighbors to where the person you're trying to woo lives.

Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

What do you want written on your gravestone and why?

i actually don't want anything written. i just want the dates on my life and the image of a phoenix in rising flight from flames etched into the face of my stone.

life is about learning lessons from every experience and picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. owning up to your mistakes. taking responsibility for your actions, and learning how to grow.

life and death and about rebirth. during the course of my life i will have arisen from the depths many times, i have no doubt, and each time, i will be a better person for it. in death, my body will turn to ash, but my soul will rise and perhaps live again in another form.

i'm not one really for religion, but i feel as though i have an old soul. i feel as though i've met certain people before, and experiences that i know are new for me have felt very familiar and comfortable throughout my life.

Writer's Block: Six-Word Story

Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in only six words. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He is believed to have called it his greatest literary work ever. Can you write a story in six words?

honest, emotional, intense...with no regrets

i am a nerd. yep.

so, it's clearly 3:30am and i am awake, online, and writing ANOTHER journal entry. although, to be fair, the other two were just song lyrics.

i decided to open up my new laptop and start playing. i am currently awaiting the apparently, painfully long process of backing up my entire itunes library on my desktop, burning it to disc, and then transferring it onto here.

i also need to procure a 50 foot ethernet cable so i can roll around in bed with my laptop should i so desire.

still no word from online csu. i sent away for info from a few of those "online" colleges that are out there. i need to sniff them out and see if they are legit or not.

i figure even if all i accomplish is an associates by doing online coursework, as long as it's 100% transferrable, i can very quickly (not to mention cheaply) complete my bachelor's at an actual brick & mortar institution and then see what happens.

someone is bound to give me a chance and realize that i fucked up at umass because i was 17! i mean, seriously? plus i have so much life experience at this point, if i can't bullshit my way through an admittance interview, i have more problems than i thought i did...

i'm debating joining twitter.

i have a feeling the laptop will be going with me most places...as obnoxious as that sounds...especially considering i feel like i'm always on the internet on my damn cell phone...

mayhaps not.

oooh! the new alanis morrisette song is really good. it's on vh1 right now. yeah...i know. i'm sad.


I wanna explode
watch me
Im a lucky girl
see I
I like you
So wont you pay if you wanna go down

I love to w a t c h you, honey
You need me , so lets see
What do you care, if you want to
just pay if you wanna go

Don't walk away
Don’t walk away love
Don’t’ walk away
Don’t walk away love

I wanna touch you, s l o w l y
I'm a lonely girl
Come on
You want to
So won't you pay if you wanna go down

I’d love to hurt you
I've got you, i n s i d e me
What do you care if you want to
You should pay if you wanna go down, or

Don’t Walk away
Don’t walk away love
Don’t’ walk away
Just stay right here

Why don’t you pay if you wanna go
You got to pay if you want some more
Why don’t you pay if you wanna go
You got to pay if you want some more

Writer's Block: Passionate Eats

What foods do you associate with romance or attraction?

lets see, there are the classics: chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, i guess sushi even though i don't eat it.

personally, nothing beats a homemade meal cooked together for a romantic evening, be it macaroni and cheese, or filet mingon.

i guess i'm really easy to please.


the journey continues...

i started working on my left 1/2 sleeve again today. added on a sacred heart, and had my older stuff re-worked and fixed. i am extremely pleased and stoked to finish all of the outlining and shading in two weeks.

work is going well...i think.

i love my new car.

the online relationship sites are...meh. chemistry.com, which i pay for, so far has given me bubkus. while okcupid.com, which is free, has produced some promising friendship leads...but of course, none in ct.

i went out saturday with the gay boys to gotham and dressed in a hot (i thought so anyway) girlie outfit and got lots of attention from new gay boys, but got completely overlooked/ignored by the women that were there. ::shrug::

i have an appointment friday to fix my front teeth...which i'm also really stoked about, because then i won't feel as self-conscious about smiling anymore...

Writer's Block: More, More, More

What would you like to do more of?

i would like to play in the sun more.

i would like to hold hands more.

i would like to talk late at night more.

a little writing that just poured out...

"you know what it did to the cat?" she asked.



curiosity. curi-fucking-osity?! is that what i am? what everyone thinks of me? why no one probes beneath the service but everyone always seems to want a piece?

well shit! that changes everything. including why i'm here, in this room, with this woman, at 3am.

"well," she looked at me inquisitively, "do you still want to do this?"

do i? well, of course i do. that's why i sought her out. a professional. someone who could give me a reasonably safe experience.

suddenly i heard the words spill off of my lips before i even felt my mouth form them.

"no. i think i made a mistake. i apologize."

she gave a noncommittal shrug and kissed me on the cheek.

"if you ever change your mind in the future...you're more than welcome to come back."

i took a deep breath. nodded, and made as graceful an exit from her apartment as i could manage.

the darkened parking lot enveloped me like a womb.